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sand through the glass

drift with me

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These are my destinations: Places in my mind where my thoughts have traveled to, and the walls of my existence do not meet in corners.

If you know me, then you know know I'm a Broadway junkie, I'm a long-time crazy fan of Superman, and my life is something like a movie of the week most of the time. I used to be a professional nanny, and I gave that up for a while to grow up and have a real job, but now I know I'm not linear enough for a areal job and I'm following my most marketable skills to another placement as a nanny in London.

Anyway, let us be friends and such, for I am kind (I like 300 too). I'm also weird, and you should like that, because I said so. And because I am kind. Forsooth! We shall be chums, write our names in the sand, and go skipping along under rainclouds. Er... something like that. Or rather... not like that at all.

Lyrics of the moment, and the moments that follow:

Cages or wings?
Which do you prefer?
Ask the birds.
Fear or love, Baby?
Don't say the answer.
Actions speak louder than words.

What does it take
To wake up a generation?
How can you make someone
Take off and fly?
If we don't wake up
And shake up the nation
We'll eat the dust of the world
Wondering why

~ Jonathan Larson, "Louder Than Words" - tick, tick... BOOM!
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